Lost and Found in Songwriting and Music


We are a couple of lost souls 

who have found common interests and a 

desire to experience, share and create music together.


a perfect day

 “Many of my perfect days ended with nights of singing with friends. Some are ones in which I only remember a profound feeling of peacefulness. I guess that’s the formula for me. A perfect day is a day lived in the moment with a feeling of connectedness, of growth, of appreciation.”

Jerry Green


get lost

“Most of my life, I’ve felt I had a lousy sense of direction as I’m always getting lost.   Recently, I let go of what I thought was the  ‘right direction’ and started trusting my internal compass and I am loving this new found adventure.”  

Annie Sorrells 

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One Dance at the Sundance

An original song written by Jerry Green 

and performed by 

The Lost Earbuds with special guest Rick Moore

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